Loving Light Yoga


12/19/13    Englewood Yoga Center & Dance Etc & Englewood Drummers

Englewood Beach Yoga - 6 year Anniversary  

March 8, 2014     
Video by Tim Weber
Drumming by Rich Blair and Judy Sweet. 
Crystal Healing Bowls by Robert
Yoga with Lata.  

Thank you every one for your support.  

Our Oldest Yogis

Charlotte County YouTube Video 

Watch for the Beach Yogis on Englewood Beach!

Charlotte County, FL. CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (From DreamWorks Animation's "Trolls")


Happy Holidays

A beautiful morning with beautiful souls for our 8 year Yoga on Englewood Beach Anniversary.

Beautiful Melodies with the Sound Healing Tones of the Crystal Bowls.
Healing all your senses today with Sound Vibrations, Sea Birds and Ocean Waves, the gifts of Nature!
It was so awesome to see 300 yogis joining together connected hand on shoulder, supporting each other in Crane Pose and Airplane. What an Amazing group!   Much Love & Many Blessings to all and our deepest gratitude for all your support over the years and many more years to come.                    Lata & Robert

4 Year Anniversary for Beach Yoga 3/8/12

285 Yogis rode the wave of sound with the Heart Song of the Earth, Crystal Healing Bowls
and the Heartbeat of the Earth, the Earth Drums!

What people are saying:

"Lata & Robert & Company, What a beautiful experience on the beach! Thank you for being so caring & loving and providing this spiritual experience. Namaste, Love you all, Rene"
"I am so glad we found out about you, yesterday was awesome. Tina"
"It was perfect, thanks for an amazing way to start a day, Hugs Laura"
" There were dolphins dancing in the water with us this morning. So Mother Nature was surely with us and the music and the day was magnificent, Sent me home with quite a blessing today. God Bless you and Robert for giving each of us such a healing way to start the day" - Pat Roetgger
" Wasn't it wonderful that so many folks turned out yesterday to show their appreciation for your Beach Yoga?
In return you gave each of us the gift of yoga with Crystal Bowls and Drums-what a unique gift!
I know that I found it a perfect experience, thank you for sharing with all of us." Rev Jill Anderson
"Thank You! I loved watching everyone groove to the beat during the sun pose!" Linda Macchia-Howe, Drummer
"It was beautiful, so thankful to be one of the 285 yogis. An amazing celebration, Congratulations! Diane Gilroy
" Congratulations on 4 years. Class was wonderful.....I love the drums and crystal bowls. Beach Yoga has become an important part of my life. Great Job! Don & Pat Jarvis 

Helping the kids of Englewood

Kids Needs of Englewood

helping kids with clothing, school supplies, food and more.

Sunset Sound Meditation

Yoga Flash Mob......Bealls in Englewood, Florida

Our Youngest Yogi

Easter Goodies for Yoga

Yoga Flash Mob

11/15/12 Englewood Farmers Market..........On the 2nd song "All you need is Love"

by the Beatles, the music stopped.........so we just laughed and kept going with our routine as we sang  the words to the song! Great Fun! Thank You everyone and thank you Lee at the Farmers Market!

10 Year Anniversary, Beach Yoga

9 year anniversary for yoga on Englewood Beach.   $1947.00 raised for Kids Needs in Englewood.  Thank you everyone! 

Loving Light Yoga

5 Year Celebration on Englewood Beach  3/9/13
God Bless all the 200 plus Yogis.......Thank you to Jim & Judy Sweet on the Drums and Robert with the Crystal Singing Bowls!!!

7 Year Anniversary

404 Yogis came to Englewood Beach Yoga & Meditation to help celebrate 7 wonderful years of Yoga on Englewood Beach. We are so honored for all the support over the years. Robert was amazing with the Heart Song of Mother Earth with the Crystal Healing Bowls.We will continue to bring these yoga classes to all for many years to come.